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Prepare For My Study

  • Do not consume any caffeine after 2:00pm on the day of your study.
  • We suggest you eat dinner as normal but please refrain from alcohol.
  • Do not take any naps the day of your study.
  • Please try to arrive with your paperwork already completed.
  • Be aware that hair pieces and wigs will need to be removed during testing. Hair extensions will not need to be removed.
  • If possible, please try to come to your study with no hair product in your hair and no lotions on your body.
  • Bring with you whatever you are comfortable for pajamas (just NO silk pajamas).
  • Bring your bedtime medications with you.
  • Bring your insurance card with you.
  • For comfort feel free to bring your pillow and a book with you; you will be allowed to watch TV until lights out.
  • Please make note of your scheduled time and do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your study. All studies are synchronized accordingly.
  • A sleep technician will be assigned to you and will help you with anything you may need during your stay.
  • If you need to be reminded of your scheduled start time, please call 605-362-6201.
  • You will be discharged between 5:00am and 6:00am.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know as sson as possible so that we may reschedule you and/or reschedule a patient for that technician.
  • If you require special assistance due to the use of wheelchair, oxygen tanks, etc, please inform us prior to your test date.
  • You will want to make time to shower at home after your study.